Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review Columbia Drainmaker II Shoes

For my recent trip to Hawaii I wanted a versatile hiking shoe that could also handle some wet conditions (beach or jungle) so I ordered myself a pair of these ol Drainmakers to see what's what.

The first thing I noticed about the shoes is how light they are. Comfortable to walk in and clearly vented for water sports, these shoes are perfect for Los Angeles life as well as life on the Islands.

The second thing I noticed is there some excess fabric and stitching in the tongue area which irritated my foot initially as it "broke" on my toes in a weird way. This eventually went away but it was a weird break-in period.

That being said, these shoes performed GREAT in Hawaii. Lightweight and airy, they handled a variety of terrain from mountain

to the beach

These shoes are durable and I certainly enjoyed them. Please note this is not a completely glowing review as one of the rubber treads is actually separating from the sole, despite my gluing efforts. I really like these shoes but there are some kinks in them. If you are looking for a shoe to get you through some water with good tread (at least initially), then definitely check these out but be cautious.

Check out the shoes here: http://www.columbia.com/mens-drainmaker-ii-shoe-BM2552_S.html?dwvar_BM2552__S_variationColor=431#q=drainmaker&mid=paidsearch&nid=Search%7CBranded%7CProducts%7CFootwear%7CUS&oid=NewBrand_Powerdrain&did=columbia+powerdrain&eid=Google%2BAdwords%2BUS&s_kwcid=AL!3937!3!45017423487!b!!g!!columbia+powerdrain&gclid=CPLu14C17sECFZJhfgodfzsATg&ef_id=VA3GGAAABeIAl5oc%3A20141109205849%3As&start=0


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