Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Got A Rock

Yes Charlie Brown, you put forth a terrible effort making a ghost outfit for Halloween and you WILL get rocks in your trick or treat basket.

I have traveled through the Verdugos Mountains here in Southern California so many times and yet I have never photographed for the blog the various manmade rock structures that litter the trail. So, without further ado, I give you, a photographic essay of manmade rock formations of the Verdugos!

(rock wall, grabbing some sun, working on its tan)

(rock wall chillin with palms)

(this would be a hell of a barrier if you were a mouse army looking to storm the castle)

(you thought you could hide from me manmade rock structure but you can't! I see you there!)

(the composition of this rock wall picture is beyond fantastic, I mean, look at that shadow!)

So what I am saying is, there are a lot of rock walls in the Verdugos. We definitely tend to think of trails taking us through untrammeled wilderness but if you look closer, you will see the hand of humans in much more of the landscape than you expect.


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