Thursday, February 27, 2014

Checking Out Teton Sports Tracker Sleeping Bag

Tracker, Tracker, Tracker, you are a sleeping bag. Tracker, Tracker, Tracker, your weird texture makes me love you. Tracker, Tracker, Tracker, will you be my only sleeping bag?

I must suffer from a bit of brain damage because right now I have 3 sleeping bags. One a warm weather bag, one an old zero bag and one a new zero bag which I loathe (here new bag, want to eat an apppppple?) Teton wanted to remedy the situation by introducing me to the Tracker +5 bag.

At 4lbs, this bag will not be winning you an ultralight awards but for car camping, it will get the job done. It is made of some sort of space age material that feels unlike any down/synthetic sleeping bag I have ever owned. It really feels like a down quilt for astronauts. There is no other way to describe it.

This bag, while traditionally mummy shaped, also has some other bells and whistles to it that distinguishing it from other bags. For example, an interior pocket for you to store some late night chocolate snacks.

No need to get up, they are right there by your face!

The bag was also pretty comfortable in the shoulder/foot areas. I move around a lot so being able to do so, while not feeling confined is definitely important. I think the Tracker has a bit more room over that other mummy bag of mine (the one I would like to go play in traffic) and while its not a free-for-all in there, there definitely seems to be more room.

The bag is rated to +5F and as we all know, these ratings can vary wildly amongst bags. I would put this one solidly in the 20 degree range, which for most campers is probably as cold as you want it in any event. How did it perform in the field? Let's ask our intrepid reporter some questions!

Well it looks like he is having a pretty good sleep so the Tracker does it's job.

Overall, this sleeping bag does what it is supposed to, keep you warm and the sasquatches away from you due to its space age materials.

I was provided this sleeping bag in order to review it. I try to review things as honestly as possible but its the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and try to learn from it what you can. I don't get any compensation whether you buy this stuff or not. 


  1. That bag looks like it is made of dreams and space age material!

  2. That bag sounds great. I've found interior pockets to be surprisingly important for things like a cell phone or camera batteries on a cold night (since the cold sucks away battery power)


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