Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Resolutions on the 7 Trees Trail

Lately I have been doing more hiking online than on the trails. Life, schedules and even a certain burnout factor can get in the way of hiking and the outdoors. When you do actually get back outside you get humbled pretty quickly as your body isn't up to hiking shape.

Still whether you decide to accept the charges or not, the mountains are always calling you and so I roused myself to go hiking on the 7 Trees Trail in the Verdugos. There are two ways to do the trail, the longer, easier way or the shorter, harder way.

As is my wont, I chose the harder trail and of course paid for it. The hike, while beautiful, was a struggle and I resolved to get back on the trail more often.

Not only that, I resolved to get more "trail ready" which for me, means getting on a heavy pack and going up and down stairs in my apartment building. I am not a gym guy at all but I am willing to put in some time so I can go longer in the mountains in 2014 and beyond.

After all, I have some grand plans coming up! Backpacking trips are currently being planned, perhaps a trip to Utah, and some other great mountain hikes are on the agenda. I have to be running on all cylinders for these and I plan to!

What are your plans for 2014? Let me know in the comments!


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