Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gear Wish List

When you do more and more outdoor activities, whether it is camping, hiking, rafting, whatevering, your thoughts turn to gear. Can I get gear that is lighter, stronger, better without becoming like the Portlandia couple?

I have been on the hunt for certain items over the last few years and I thought I would share with you the gear I would REALLY LIKE to own one of these days (please Santa, Easter Bunny, Michelangelo from TMNT?).

Big Sky One Person Soul Tent!

I have a tent, I really like my tent. Its a two person tent, great for car camping or hauling on short backpacking trips. However, I hate weight on my back and if I go out camping alone or go on a long distance backpacking trip (pipe dream for now but maybe in a few years?), I need something just for me.

This Soul weighs about 2.5 pounds and with some expensive additions can get the weight down to about a pound, which is crazy. Its not just lightweight but well constructed. Backpacker Magazine gave it an awesome review

and apparently there is enough space to store your stuff and fit a six foot tall guy like yours truly. The 2.5 pound tent only costs $150 which, in the grand scheme of things is very reasonable for a tent. The downside is that it costs more like $400+ with all the ultralight add-ons. Still, its so reasonable, I hope to get it in some form, some day.

Here is more information on this sucka: 

Triple Aught Designs Stealth LT Hoodie!

This jacket is the creme de la creme of jackets. It is waterproof, lightweight and windproof. Basically an all-in-one jacket. It is tough, super durable and pretty kick ass in person. I got to visit the TAD store on a recent trip to San Francisco and try this on in person and I came away super impressed. I feel like a lot of my gear overlaps itself in certain ways (several jackets of various abilities  windproof but not waterproof, waterproof but not breathable, etc.) and this is the one jacket that can put all the others in the dust.

The downside, the cost. At $475, you will have to be doing a lot of couch diving for pennies to afford it. I am convinced the quality is worth it but I can't swing it at this point. Definitely on my Wish List!

Check it out here:

Snow Peak Double Wall Mug! 

No matter where into the wilds we get, we all want a bit of civilization right? I am not a caveman. When I am drinking water I would like it contained in a vessel that I can sip at a time of my choosing. No cupping hands for me!

Snow Peak makes excellent gear and my recent mug bit the dust. It was only a single walled mug and I think have another wall will make the mug...wait for it...twice as good! Titanium is very lightweight and Snow Peak  holds up to all the abuse your pack can throw at it. Definitely a must wish lister for any outdoor adventurer!

Check it out here:

What type of gear are you pining for? Let me know in the comments!

All pictures come from the companies' respective websites. No ownership is claimed! Thanks!


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