Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reviewing the Terramar TXO 3.0

Its been awhile that we have had a #TerramarThursday on the blog and I think its about time to talk about the Terramar TXO 3.0 shirt, a merino wool/polyester blend shirt that I am in love with.

Its tough to say you are in love with an inanimate object but that is the case with this shirt. It is soft and warm but not too warm, it isn't like a sweater or a thicker shirt, maybe just a thicker base layer. I dunno, its tough to tell about this shirt because it is such a 'tweener but that might make it the perfect shirt for you as you head into the backcountry with uncertain weather conditions.

My only complaint about the shirt is the lack of thumb-loops but that holds true for all shirts across all brands. The sad fact of living in SoCal is that the sun is MUCH more intense here than elsewhere and our wrists and hands need sun protection which thumb-loops will help with. This is just a personal preference and I can't say anything else bad about my new shirt, this thing rocked and is Yosemite-approved!

(please note that I look like a hot mess in this picture but the shirt looks great!)


I was provided this product because I am part of the Terramar Tribe. I try to review items like this as honestly as possible. Whether I liked it or not, I don't gain anything if you go out and buy these things. Its the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and gain from it what you can. 


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