Thursday, July 11, 2013

EWH Reviews Underwear? EWH Reviews Underwear

Its time for another #TerramarThursday here at EWH and this week I got to try out the TXO Boxer Brief.

Underwear is something most hikers think about last but they shouldn't! Chafing, dreaded chafing can occur on ones thighs especially after a high mileage day. Long ago, I switched from my normal cotton boxers to more form fitting boxer briefs when going on hikes for just this reason and I haven't looked back. Of course, they make underwear in "wickable" materials so you stay relatively comfortable "down there". Side note, I HATE the word wickable.

As part of my ongoing ambassadorship of all things Terramar, I got my hands on the last TXO boxer briefs to try out.

So where did I take em? On my recent hike to Conejo Mountain of course! What better way to test these puppies but on the trail! How did they do?

Overall I really like these shorts. And shorts they be, you will feel much more like going for a bike ride due to the way they cover the thighs rather than wearing underwear but they did keep me cool without too much rubbing. They tended to creep up one of my thighs a bit during hiking but that was a minor annoyance.

Overall these did the job, you can't really ask more from them so a definite recommend!

Here is a link to the gear:


I was provided this product because I am part of the Terramar Tribe. I try to review items like this as honestly as possible. Whether I liked it or not, I don't gain anything if you go out and buy these things. Its the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and gain from it what you can. 


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