Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sierra Snow Camp- Day 3

There are so many areas in California to explore. For the most part, I have been puttering about in Southern California and exploring the many trails down here but through my Wilderness Travel Course, I went up into the Eastern Sierras to go snow camping and hiking. Here is what happened on Day 3! You can read all about Day 1 or Day 2 here.

Sun broke over the camp on Day 3 of our backpacking adventure but it did not warm us, no it did not friends. It was a cold morning, the wind was blowing and it took us much longer to get our camp stoves up and running.

We had several optional hikes this day at camp but considering how cold and windswept it was, my body was telling me that it was mandatory to go on a hike. I chose an adventure hike bushwhacking around the Sabrina dam area.

There were several use trails that we followed but then branched off into the upper crags surrounding the dam. All that scrambling paid off for views like this:

After experiencing the high of the mountains, it was time to pack up camp and head down the mountain. After hiking and backpacking for a few days it is good to get off the trail and into pizza, which I did with a flourish at the Pizza Factory


Thus concludes my Sierra backpacking adventures! What trip I had, so many great vistas, trail miles and memories made. Now on to the next adventure!


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