Thursday, February 14, 2013

WTC Class 2

We are starting to get our feet under us in class. The groups are coalescing, information about the outdoors is flowing fast and furious. Elementary schools were transformed into staging grounds for the great outdoors.

WTC Class 2 had lots of info, lots of good times with the class and we are fully in the flow.

We started off with some info on tents, 3 season vs. 4 season. Since the class is structured around the ultimate snow camp extravaganza there is an emphasis on all things snowy with the tents and then transitioning into the next lecture all about layering clothes for winter travel.

I learned some good tips and there seems to be a real reliance on rain jackets as shells which was interesting and put a new spin on things than I had contemplated in my layering out outdoor clothes.

Then everyone broke up, went to their groups and we finished out the night's lessons covering a WIIIIIIDE range of topics from clothes to going to the bathroom in the woods to beginning to learn about orienteering.

This is all leading up to our first group trip to Mt. Wilson in a few weeks. I am getting stoked to getting out into the field with everyone and put into practice what we have been learning.

Week 2, in da books!


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