Thursday, February 7, 2013

TSP- The First Patrol

Firsts are something you will always remember. First hike, first time you saw your girlfriend, first sandwich made of Steakums. Firsts are great!

I was lucky enough to be on the first patrol for Glendale's new volunteer program which patrols the mountains in Glendale (yes there are mountains in Glendale!).

The inaugural patrol happened in Brand Park which, if you have never been there, is a multi-use park with soccer fields, access to the mountains and some crazy statues.

Normally there are 2-3 patrol members who go out in a team to walk or ride the pathways of the Verdugos and other mountains in Glendale but this day we had a bunch more patrol members as we had a press photoshoot for the kickoff of the patrols and they had us scurrying everywhere for shots.

After our glamour shots, it was off on an official patrol. We took the Brand Motorway up which led to some nice vistas on this non-marine layer day.

My patrol buddy was Dave, an accomplished outdoorsman, and we traded stories back and forth as we climbed to the Verdugo Motorway.

Once we got to the top of the Brand Motorway, we set up camp and met a lot of hikers and bikers. Of course, we talked to everyone along the way, not just the top because it is part of our job to be outgoing and friendly to everyone, which is not what you are used to if you hike solo a lot!

After chatting it up with some nice folk, giving directions, helping out, we hiked back down the mountain, but not without me taking some glamour shots of the mountains, the sky was so clear!

Overall the experience was about what I expected and I had fun doing it. I had been looking for ways to volunteer to give back to the outdoors which has given me so much over the last few years and this day got things off to a great start!

Check out this article about the TSP and some great action pics of yours truly!,0,4201119.story


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