Thursday, January 31, 2013

WTC Class 1

So as a few of you loyal readers might know, I have started classes to learn to be a better hiker. Called the Wilderness Travel Course and sponsored in part by the Sierra Club, this class is going to give me some great tips about clothing, orienteering and hopefully I will get a few hiking buddies out of it!

Last night started off with a general introduction to the course

(yes that is an elementary school auditorium, where is my juice box?)

Then we learned all about conditioning and fitness needed not only for this course but to scale heights like Mount Whitney.

I am not a huge gym guy, I much prefer to do my exercising "in the field" (whether on the trail, in the hockey rink, doing laps at the ice cream stand) but I can appreciate the value of static exercises to help increase what you do out there in the field.

The woman who gave the talk on conditioning had scaled hundreds of peaks around SoCal and around the world (she had attempted Denali last year) and so I took everything she said to heart. I might not buy an exercise ball or gym membership but there is some stuff I definitely can work on to get me up to peak fitness!

For the remainder of the class we split up into groups. I was assigned to Group 3 (the bestest group of course! [and my favorite number]) and we spent the rest of the time meeting each other and gabbing about boots.

I for one was really interested in this talk as EWH had recently splurged on new boots and has joined Team Asolo.

It was fascinating to learn about the pluses and minuses of various boots.

Overall this was a killer class and I can't wait for next week's lessons, maybe I will bring my juice box!


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