Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Breaking Up With Marshall Canyon

I don't know, this was a weird hike. I kinda feel like saying, its not you, its me and have us go our separate ways.

Maybe the breakup started when I found out that the first .5 mile was downhill (and more importantly the LAST .5 mile is straight uphill).

Maybe it was the next lousy mile through equestrian centers or burned out trees.

Sure you have a few drinks of water and the trail starts looking all oaky, shady and good.

But we all know that the good times won't last and the suck will begin again.

For example, what trail on a non-mountainous track has a false summit?

Well this one did. You think the trail is meeting you halfway, each side making compromises? Nope, instead you have another hill to climb until the rest point which is half way on the loop trail.

The one candlelight, lobster dinner that you can have with this trail is at the midway point where there is a beautiful little bench-thing with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

However, that brief respite along the trail of tears does not make up for your failings, including your confusing  trail network. Thank God I had Dan's hiking page printout with me otherwise you would be going left, right, left, right with no idea if you were going on the right loop. Tell me what you want with good signage not just passive-aggressively telling me to go left or right at these intersections.

Despite the good times, I think what is needed is the slow freeze out. No need to call the trail as I am driving past on the 210. Eventually the trail will go its way and I will go mine. I am not sad, after all there are plenty of trails in the guidebook, time to find another.

Dan's Hiking Page For Marshall: A MUST print out deal if you are going to hike the ex. http://www.simpsoncity.com/hiking/marshall.html


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