Wednesday, August 31, 2011

C'Mon California Parks!

There are people trying to do good all over the world. I have highlighted a few of them in posts past but in this one, I want to focus on someone trying to help out here in California.

As many of you know, the governor has decided to close 70 state parks. CSPF is trying to get a bill passed to create a space for non-profits to help run some of those 70 parks. Meanwhile, the great folks over at Parks4Folks have been putting together an impressive mini-documentary/spots about what the parks mean to Californians and what does it actually mean to close the parks.

I highly suggest you take a look at these two vids and hopefully they inspire you to action to help us in California keep and maintain the amazing parks we have (and all of those I haven't hiked in yet!!!).

As we have discussed here before, what does it mean to actually close a park?

And what makes a park significant?

Some virtual food for thought.


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