Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What The Heck Am I Doing?

That's right blogoverse, your man has a plan. And that plan apparently involves buying and utilizing a bike!

For a variety of reasons, I pulled the trigger on this green beauty to get some much needed exercise to work. However, I could not make a purchase like this and not think of the outdoor implications.

Don't worry, I have hiking in my blood, it shall never go away. In fact, I am already lining up hikes for the Summer but given my stupid, stupid work schedule, I will not be able to get to many of them before August. I might have one or 2 soon so this blog is not going completely dark for July but posting, you will be sparse over the next few weeks fer sure.

However, biking is an outdoor activity right? And I am an outdoor guy right? Well then this new development should be all types of sympatico. Of course, I have no idea where to take this sucka on the trails around LA. Of course, all of this might be moot given the Cali budget mess but let's not focus on that for the moment.

Here is a quick roundup of Bikeapalooza in LA. If you have any hints/suggestions, leave em in the comments!

SoCalMTB- sounds good to me! The site is not exactly user friendly but so far so good. http://www.socalmtb.com/

Maps, you know I love him. Here are a bunch of dots, ever been to any of em?

As I live in an urban environment (as my first hike can attest), it is only fitting that there is an urban bike trail to follow, the ol aqueduct! Maybe I should call my bike Greased Lightning if I go on this trail: http://www.labikepaths.com/bike-paths/los-angeles-river/

If I want to do group tours, there is the aptly named Bikes And Hikes! I am not a huge fan of the structured hikes (and now bikes) but some of these look fun. http://bikesandhikesla.com/

Bikes, lighting the way to more outdoor fun!


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