Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Carnival- Fav Spring Gear

Welcome to the Carnival!

This Internet, made up of its series of tubes and whistles, frightens and confuses me. Yet, unlike Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, I am ready to step up and contribute my piece to the "favorite spring gear" posting mecca that is going on at Pure Outside.

I don't have a tremendous amount of Spring gear. For that matter, I don't have a tremendous amount of Fall, Winter or Summer gear. The gear I do have, I really like so for this carnival, I have picked one piece that will serve you well in the Spring and really in any other season.

It is all about Icebreaker.

Being that I live in California, I like the shortsleeves but California is unforgiving in its sunlight. If the sun is what caused the film industry to move to California, it is also what causes us to go outside and enjoy the great weather and trails of Southern California. However, the sun is also bad, specifically bad for your skin on the unshaded trails. How does one stay cool on hot sunny days but protected from the sun?

Other than taking off your shirt to cool down and giving away 2 tickets to the gun show for various random hikers, the LS 150 Icebreaker gives you the flexibility to wear it whenever and where ever you are hiking. I can attest that it keeps you cool and keeps you paradoxically warm when you need it. I am not a paid endorser of IB but a lightweight wool shirt is totally the way to go in SoCal your hearts.

Fav Spring Gear- Carnivalized! (totally trademarking that)


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