Monday, March 28, 2011

Carless, What To Do?

So my car decided to throw a hissy fit this weekend and on the best weather day in ages (Sunday- cool and sunny), I wasn't going anywhere. So, what are you to do when you are carless and in LA?

Modern Hiker
has linked to a great ongoing list of hikes that are metro accessible. While it might seem weird to take your boots and hiking sticks on a bus or a subway, there are seemingly greats hikes near the carless of LA. Both Modern Hiker and The Source rave about Temescal Canyon which I have not a chance to visit yet but if this car situation continues, I might just have to visit.

My buddy over at Come Hike has started a whole website devoted to people finding each other, scheduling hikes and presumably carpooling to said hikes (carpooling, what era do I think this is, the 70s? why yes, yes it is!). As gas prices continue to rise, there may be more and more hikers looking to lessen that carbon footprint by scheduling group hikes.

Even the Sierra Club has a ride sharing policy.

So, if you are in LA, and you are entranced by the mountains surrounding this City paradise.

and your primary mode of transportation is 2 feet, there are options to get out and about rather than watching a Man Vs. Wild marathon.


  1. Up north in the Bay Area we have a website called Transit & Trails which makes the whole proposition of planning routes to trailheads effortless.

    P.S. Since when is LA a paradise?

  2. That is a cool website Chris, thanks for the link. LA is a paradise if you listen to Randy Newman!

  3. With all the traffic you have in LA, might be better off on two wheels than two heels. Could reach some great spots by bike I bet.

  4. I have plans to take Metro up to North Hollywood to meet a friend and then ride with him to a hiking spot on Saturday morning. We'll probably be going somewhere near Malibu Creek. If you can get to the NoHo Metro station, I could ask him if he has room for one more...

  5. @Danny-thanks for the invite but I didn't see this until Sunday! Sadly I don't have a lot of time on Saturday mornings but email me at the next Metro hiking event you go on.


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