Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crestin' It

So, I am digging around the Interwebs a few months back and I come across this great article in Backpacker Magazine detailing that the hike that you MUST go on is the section of the Pacific Crest Trail between Mount Whitney and Sonora Pass. Backpacker Breaking It Down.

I had never heard of the PCT before (being on the "wrong" side of the continental divide can do that to a person I guess). However, if you know me by now, you know that I put on my Sherlock Holmes hatand went down the rabbit-hole of all things Pacific Crest Trail.

Now I am researching the PCT from all angles, magazine articles, organizations like the Pacific Crest Trail Association and finding great resources on the trail. What I am finding is that the trail offers beauty, challenge and most importantly, proximity to my SoCal based-self.

One great resource is from this guy that calls himself Erik The Black. In addition to his great blog posts, Erik is a one man self-publishing book factory with many atlases, how-tos, etc. on how to tackle the PCT. He has a new edition coming out in March and I am thinking about picking one up.

So blog readers or stumblers, I leave it to you to further help me. Obviously I have a 220 mile stretch in mind. However, what sections would you recommend? Just how tough IS the trail? I am still getting used to this "permit" thing to hike trails or mountains. I guess if I join up with the PCT they can give you a pass but is that crazy or what?

Basically, any sense of the trail you can give me would be great.

In the interim, I am reading great trip reports of a guy doing the whole trail. I have just started digging into the reports but there is gold there Jerry, GOLD!

Hiking Through Hyperbole.


  1. My boyfriend stumbled across PCT up in Big Bear last year and did a day hike on it with some friends. He's been researching it ever since and hopes to do longer portions of it once we have a sufficient amount of backpacking equipment.

    You'll probably really enjoy it. There is a book written by the first person to complete the PCT, but apparently it's impossible to find unless you're lucky like Hiking Lady (

    Fun fact: several kinds of stock on the PCT, including a camel.

    Also, if you spend enough time on the trail (a thru, I'm assuming) you are given a nickname! <--life goal? YES.

  2. Given a nickname? Details please!

    In doing some research, I think I want to stretch my legs on that 220 mile stretch. That would require an understanding employer and more equipment. Good to know about the Big Bear nexus. I have been looking to get out there and maybe can do some PCT babysteps (which will NOT be my PCT nickname)!

  3. Babysteps! Don't let anybody on the trail hear you saying that, ha! Apparently others give you the nickname and it's only when you've been on it for a little while. Here's a quick article:

    I would love to do parts of the John Muir Trail one day, talk about an adventure.


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