Thursday, January 6, 2011


Sorry I haven't blogged a lot recently. With the rain here in LA, I have stayed off the trails but now that we are drying out, I am chomping at the bit to get out there. There are a few trails I have lined up, one to a grotto in the Santa Monica mountains (Hugh Hefner watch out!) and one by Tree People off of Mulholland Drive. The temp should stay in the upper 60s this week and with sun, I am hoping to have a hike report for y'all at the end of the weekend.

So what have I been doing with myself, you might ask (but probably aren't)? Well, I have been Twitterin'. Ahhh Twitter, many thoughts in so few characters but I have certainly met a lot of characters online. In fact, I am often surprised when I can't find a person or organization on Twitter. Amazing how expectations change over the last few years.

Twitter is acting like my RSS feed for SoCal hikers and outdoor organizations (without a cool sounding name like "RSS"). I can stay up on all the hikes of fellow SoCal'ers, all the postings of great organizations and of course all the national orgs and hikers out there.

The amazing thing about the Hiking Twitterverse is how little fluff there is out there. Most of the tweets are about hikes people are going on, come back from, environmental issues, issues about the parks. Very little tweets hinge on what type of cake people had that night. Well, sometimes...

So as part of my "I want to post more but haven't gone on more hikes" posts, below is a collection of some great SoCal hike tweeters for your consumption:

@Socalhikes: Engaging tweets about hikes, life and gear.
@Hikesocal @Hike_LA: Both are through All Trails and organize hikes throughout the region.
@thehikeguy: Great for posting links to outdoor stuff.
@treepeople_org: The organization is top notch and so are their tweets!
@modernhiker: Runs one of the best hiking websites on the interwebs
@SoCalMountains: Nothing but great stories and updates from the Big Bear region, rocking!
@CalParks: A great org and I am their latest member.
@dlockeretz: Some of the best hike reports and beautiful photos from the region!

So, if I can't hike for real, I will hike virtually! Or do both!


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