Monday, January 17, 2011

Hike 7 How Green Is My Palos?

2 hikes in three days? What is going on here in ADKinLA land?

Well I decided to head down to San Pedro and check out the beautiful scenery at the "edge" of LA city proper. San Pedro is a working-class town with beautiful vistas and a cool little seafood market complex. The hiking possibilities in that section of not-quite-the OC not-quite-the LA of California are slim pickings for sure. There aren't even that many websites to tell you what the nature of the trails are (distance, elevation or even street addresses!).

What I did find though was a very cool micro-trail that goes along some ridges with awesome views of the sand and cliffs and gives a hiker a nice little workout before dipping the dogs into the Pacific.

Abalone Cove is a little turnoff in Palos Verdes just outside of San Pedro. The lot, in addition to being an "outrageous" $5 to park is a mix of gravel and hard pack dirt which I am sure did no favors to my car's suspension.

Walking along a nice park, the trail dips down into a tight trail with vegetation enclosing the trail.

There is plenty of cacti on the trail (and actually right near the trail, quivers almost met ADK-meat several times).

The trail then empties out at a rock beach and you can either continue into a cool canyon of sorts

or go up along a ridgeline (highly recommended) for some spectacular views of the ocean. Don't believe me, check it out!

There are several other trails away from the beach which can extend the hike for awhile. However, with the beach calling to me, I bagged the shoes for the sand.
So overall, parking fee bad, hike views, good, hiking length bad, not caring about the length due to the Pacific, good. And frogurt?

I highly recommend getting to this little gem for a little day hike.

Here is some info in case you are so inclined.


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