Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hike 3- Griffith Park

Greetings from a very wet Los Angeles. I do not mind hiking in the rain. Especially if it starts raining AFTER you start. I am a hearty Upstate soul.

Still today, I decided to cut my first hike with the Downtown/Greater LA Hiking Meetup group short after it started raining once we gained one of the false summits on the "backside" of GP (since I had no idea where I was in GP, I considered where I was the backside). I did not make the decision lightly given how much fun/new friends I was making but given the rain plus the fast approaching night and some other factors, I decided to call an end to my part of the hike.

I am all about obtaining the summit of any hike I am on but sometimes you have to pack it in to hike another day.

We started off in one of the parking lots in GP and started meeting all the great people that make up the DTLAHG. I was a little worried about the size of the group. 76 people had RSVP'd for the hike and I had never been on one so huge. However, only about 35 or so showed up which seemed like a more manageable number.

As you can see, it wasn't too packed on the trail.

We started off on some steep ascents but nothing too treacherous. The incline gave way to wide dirt trails that wound their way past the old Griffith Park zoo (and a photo shoot of models in cages, I am sure there is a social commentary in there somewhere). From there, we wound our way around the sides of many hills and eventually making our way to the aforementioned false summit.

From there, rain and dark. Don't believe me? Check out my hiking partner (and better half).

So, overall, I really enjoyed my hike with multiple people (all very friendly!), I wish the weather was better to do even more hiking and I look forward to hanging with the group soon!

Some GP Hikes:


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